Aida's Top Tips


They are really easy
to understand
and they are even
easier to follow.

Always put your needle in the same place!
So you always know where your needle is.
For stitching use a TAPESTRY NEEDLE. It has a dull end,
and it is the best. If you make a mistake while stitching, (you miss one or two things, or you don't like how your stitch turned out)
- YOU CAN  ALWAYS come back and carefully undue your stitches, redo it and start all over again. NO PROBLEM!

( Just look again at your INSTRUCTIONS!
They come with huge drawings.)



Mickey's Top Tips


You can stitch using  all kinds of  different stitches. You can use different colors of yarn, sew all kinds of buttons, ribbons, embellishments, you can stitch your initials or your whole name, BUT WHATEVER YOU DO - DO IT BEFORE YOU STITCH YOUR 2 PILLOW PANELS TOGETHER! Why? It's just easier.


When you are done decorating and personalizing your 2 Pillow Riddle Panels, and when you are ready to stitch
them together, remember to leave some space to insert your pillow stuffing. When you finish stuffing your Pillow Riddle, go back and finish stitching, so your stuffing will stay in.

Noah's  Top Tips
I like that every Pillow is a Riddle. PILLOW RIDDLE. I like how it is called. There is already fun in the name
"PILLOW RIDDLE". When I tell my friends I made one all by myself, they want to see it and they ask me
questions. I answer and they know I am smart.

I liked that my 2 Pillow Panels were already cut to the same size, (That is what "PRE - CUT" means!.)
The same color of your yarn will look different on different color of fabric's background.
The best way to find out is to try it for yourself. I did, so I know.

Try inventing new stitches. It's fun. THIS IS MY "N" stitch. "N" STITCH FOR NOAH!
Even if your few stitches aren't perfect it's O.K. With practice you can become better and better.

Kate's  Top Tips

First decorate 2 Single Pillow Riddle Panels, but before you are ready to hand stitch them together

(print is visible)

Keep all pieces of your Pillow Riddle Activity in one bag - it can be the same bag your project came in!
Keeping organized and tidy helps.

With Pillow Riddle Stitching Activity you can learn to plan ahead and it will help you latter with many different tasks.