My teacher always enjoys hands-on-activities, so for our Summer Camp Fun Learning Activity

he got us a Pillow Riddle Project. 
I was surprised with how many things we made from just a single one package.

There were enough fun things to do for the whole group - for 10 of us together.

First we had a competition of solving all sorts of  Riddles,
then another competition for the best colored - in  Riddle Matching Poster.



Art Posters from
Poster Book "What am I? Riddles from the Animal Kingdom". First we colored them and then we practiced our stitches.  They are all created by my friends.


The winner
got to design
and stitch
his own Pillow Riddle,
but since we all
had our own ideas,

our teacher
let us stitch
our own
paper posters.

Ideas were flowing.
The posters

were looking 3D!

It was the best.

After Summer Camp, my parents got me my own PILLOW  RIDDLE  STITCHING  ACTIVITY and now I have my own Pillow Riddle.
Coming up with new ideas

is my thing.